>Boy band…

>Okay, is it just me, or does my blog look like a boy band CD cover? Just curious. I think that’s why I picked it. ‘Cause it looks all pop-ish.

So, as for the sore throat. I just bought some Emergen-C stuff. So, I’m going to try high doses of vitamin C for the next few days and see if that improves my condition. ‘Cause nothing else is working.

Again, I ask. What’s the deal with me posting on here all the time?!?!? I don’t get it. Maybe it appeals to me more aesthetically than the other one did. I dunno’…..

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2 Responses to >Boy band…

  1. MrsWndr says:

    >It does look rather boy bandish! It’s funny that you said that because yesterday I was watching ‘there and back’ on mtv. About one of the guys from OTown, trying to get back in the business. Weird. I like it though, kind of wish they have a pink one.

  2. Papa Joe says:

    >Hi Beth; Tell me again what a BLOG is, hope you are feeling better today and the kids too.It is to late now, but the next time you start to feel bad, start using the Air-bourne, hope this is spelled correctly, but I think you know what I’m talking about. I’ll keep this short so tell the kids and Jason Hi for us, and you take care of yourself. Tell the folks Hi also. Love you guys.

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