>There is one thing….okay, a few things…

>Okay, so I have discovered one thing I don’t like about this blog. It doesn’t email you when someone comments on one of your posts. That was one thing I liked about LiveJournal.

Okay, honestly, I cannot STAND the sound of someone eating. I feel bad, ’cause I won’t even let The Girl be in the same room with me if she is eating something and I can hear her. I just really, really, really HATE that sound.

Another thing. I’m really conflicted. As H knows, our MOPS group is really struggling for a steering team next year. I feel bad that I said I wasn’t going to do it next year, even though I know I don’t want to. But I don’t know if that is just me being selfish, or if God really doesn’t want me to. I guess I really need to pray about it. If I felt like I could handle it, I might even be willing to take on the Coordinator position. It’s just that right now, living here, I feel like I’m totally scattered. I don’t have a place of my own to get organized. I don’t know if I would want my life like that if I were in such a demanding position. So, pray for me. Pray that God would show me a) whether I need to be on the team next year, and b) if I do, what position I should have, and c) if I don’t, that He would fill the positions with the right people so I will stop feeling guilty for saying I’m leaving.

Okay, I think that is all that’s floating around right now. Oh wait, one more. Why is it that I seem to be writing on here a lot more than I was writing on LiveJournal? I don’t know. It’s a mystery…

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2 Responses to >There is one thing….okay, a few things…

  1. Feather says:

    >Hi, I was going to keep truckin’ through all these random blogs when two things struck me as I scrolled 1-my name is in this particular entry AND you mentioned MOPS at the same time. I’m not a mom, but I’ve helped with mops these past several months… oh and 2-what your saying follows in line with a bible study I was at this evening.Sometimes God just needs you to move. Yeah, that means He may want you to take a break from this particular responsibility so as to prepare you for the next step he’s wanting you to take or just that you need refreshing.We have had several families leave our church in the past 9 months (hazards of living near a military base)–isn’t it amazing that despite all those families did, all that worked so well when they were there–the church didn’t fold just because they followed their orders and moved to a different location? I’m pretty sure God can handle it if/when you are no longer needed for MOPS.

  2. MrsWndr says:

    >Few things, one you should check your setup becuase I get emails when i get comments. I’ll check where it’s at and email you. There is another option that ou didn’t suggest, moving out so that you do have your own space to do so you don’t feel scattered. I feel like you’re resigned to the fact that living at Mom’s is a permanent situation, when you guys should be looking at every possible way to get out of there. Not just for you, but for everyone. People have lived on their won with a lot less than you guys have. And I think alot of it its you’re scared of the not knowing what could happen when that’s common for any situation. You have to push through that fear. God will provide for you. I also agree with feather, that it won’t fall apart with out you and that God will take care of MoPS if you feel you can’t do it.

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