>Beth needs….

>Okay, here’s how it goes. Go to google.com, and in the search bar, type your first name and the word “needs.” So, mine would say Beth needs. See what comes up. Here are mine:

-Beth needs follow-up surgeries.
-Beth needs your vote at FoxSports.com.
-Beth needs your thoughts and prayers.
-Beth needs teeth.
-Beth needs to look within at what she is believing about her weight, food…
-Beth needs a first-floor bedroom.
-Beth needs to get real.
-Beth needs to set aside money for taxes.

So, there you go.

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3 Responses to >Beth needs….

  1. Erna/Erin says:

    >Erin needs…-Auntie Erin needs a drink.-Erin needs a new name caption.-ERIN NEEDS ANOTHER MIRACLE!-Erin needs to earn $15000, fast, to launch a child custody battle.-Erin needs to — more.-Erin needs to wear shirts.-Erin needs a new hobby.-Erin needs aid!-Erin needs to be naked too!!!Fun game, Beth.Erin (not currently naked)

  2. MrsWndr says:

    >Kim needs…-Kim needs to take off the gloves.-Kim needs to talk.-Kim needs some hints!-Kim needs to get serious about paying herself.-Kim needs a pee.-Kim needs help big time.-Kim needs to sit down with Simon face to face.-Kim needs to replace her car.-Kim needs to just die, and if it has to be painful, so be it.-Kim needs to grow up and take responsibility for her own happiness.Very interesting.

  3. Beth says:

    >Hi, I am also Beth and just happened to be googling “Beth needs”. This is what I stumbled upon. Thanks for doing the work for me. Ha ha!

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