>So I’m not a hairdresser….

>but I try. Here is The Girl’s hairdo for church this morning. This is as fancy as I get in the hair department. I have no clue where to start on french braids. And don’t even try teaching me. Luckily, The Girl has simple tastes, much like her mother.

Okay, this is the front view. Kind of a scary picture of her…

Here is the back view. Nothing fancy, but it looks nice….

And here is her outfit for church. I picked it out all by myself…..

So, there you go. Some Sunday morning pictures of The Girl. Aren’t you happy I shared? Okay, now I have to go, because I spend way too much time on here, and I’m starting to get sores on my bum.

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One Response to >So I’m not a hairdresser….

  1. MrsWndr says:

    >Good pics. That hairstyle is very fancy. Her bangs are looking a little ragred though, might need a trim. Check into that. I love the outfit too. I am very impressed, and as you know when it comes to hair and clothes…takes a lot. She’s getting so big. TB

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