>I’m going underground

>I think I’ve made a decision. I think I’m going to start an anonymous blog. I love writing on here, but there are some things I just can’t write.

Pissed at The Hubster? His grandparents might read this. Annoyed at one of my sisters? I know they check. Feeling depressed or guilty about something? Can’t air my dirty laundry to my circle of peeps.

So, I think I’m gonna’ hide out. I’ll still be on here. But I’m gonna’ save the juicy stuff for the Anonymous Blog. Ready or not, here I go….

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5 Responses to >I’m going underground

  1. >Sounds exciting. Enjoy

  2. MrsWndr says:

    >Well, that’s not fair. I want to know the juicy stuff too. How am I supposed to find your anonymous blog?! I don’t care if you talk sh!t about me on here. Feel free. I love reading your stuff on here and now I’ll always be wondering ifyour just sugar coating stuff. Now I’m bummed. Thanks a bunch!

  3. Mrs. Chicky says:

    >Oooh, let me know where you go. I’d love to come visit. Bloggin anonymously is the way to go!

  4. >I know how you feel. Sometimes I regret telling certain people about my blog, since it erases the ability to, uh, trash them.There’s a certain sister-in-law that comes to mind…

  5. MommaK says:

    >Oh, I soooo want to do that!! My whole fraking family reads my blog. And my mother is the worst. Oh, the stories I could tell about her if I went underground…

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