>New Feature

>“Werd” of the Day

That says “Werd” of the Day, by the way.

overbuy, –bought, –buying, –buys: 1. To buy in excess of what is needed. 2. To buy (stock) on margin in excess of one’s ability to provide further security if prices drop. 3. To buy goods beyond one’s needs or means.

Use it in a sentence:

When I have my credit card in my hand, I tend to overbuy products from wherever I happen to be. It doesn’t matter if it’s Wal-Mart, amazon.com, or Safeway. If there is stuff to get, I’m overbuying!

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4 Responses to >New Feature

  1. MrsWndr says:

    >Gee, I never knew that about you. I do believe that’s a sickness that envelops the entire clan of ours.

  2. Anonymous says:

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