>Saturday in Etna

>Well, it’s another day here in the Valley. It is almost 11:00 AM on Saturday morning. We got back from breakfast about an hour ago. Went with GG and Papa, and Steve and Chris. We ate at Bob’s, since they are the only place in the Valley open for breakfast. Anyway, I thought I’d throw Kim into fits and actually post something.

This has been a tiring week. Monday was a nothing day, Tuesday I had the Women’s Bible Study here at the house, and I worked Wednesday through Friday. Oh, and the kids had Cubbies on Wednesday night, and Jay and I had Bible Study Thursday night. Plus, we had dinner at GG and Papa’s last night with Denton and Dora, and played cards afterwards. I went to bed at 10:00 last night (that is early for me lately), and fell asleep right away (which is unusual for me these days). I’m ready for a nap right now, but I’ll have to wait until around 1:00, when the kids lay down.

Things are going pretty good right now. Work is getting better. My boss actually acts like she likes me now. We’ll see how she acts when I tell her I’m pregnant, and that I won’t be coming back after I have the baby. But, for now, it’s going good. Susan (the “office manager”) is letting me do more stuff now. I got to figure the Worker’s Comp. payments and the payroll taxes for February; I even got to do the payment forms. And I did my regular bank recs this week. We actually had all the bank statements, so I did all of them, instead of Susan doing some of them when I wasn’t working. So, in summary, work is good, but who knows how long that will last.

The kids are doing good too. Sierra is going to school everyday now. She has been for about two weeks. She is loving it, of course. We also found out this last week that she can play tee-ball this year. She is very excited. The season starts April 24th, and is only a month long. She will have games two nights a week. Of course I will be posting pictures when it all starts. Other than that, nothing really exciting is happening in her life. Except for a bit of attitude that we are trying to correct. We’ll see how that goes.

Tyner is getting bigger and bigger everyday. About a week and a half ago, after he was laying down for bed, he started yelling at me. “Mommy, why I sleep in a crib?” And I told him it was because he wanted to. Then I told him to be quiet and go to sleep. So the next day I asked him if he didn’t want to sleep in a crib anymore, if he wanted a big boy bed instead. He said, yeah, he wanted a big boy bed. So, I took the high ends and the sides off the crib. He has been in his big boy bed for a while now, and he is doing great. We had a problem last time he was in a big bed with him not taking naps. But we haven’t had any problems so far. And it’s nice for him to be able to get up in the mornings and come in my room to watch TV, instead of me having to get up and get him out of bed. I discovered another bonus just this morning. Jay and I were sleeping, and Tyner apparently got up and went into Sierra’s room and started playing with her, instead of waking us up. I’m not even sure how long they played together before we got up. He has gotten up in the middle of the night the last few nights and come into our room, so I decided to use that time to have him go potty. So, this morning at 5:30 he came in, and I took him to the bathroom, and then he went back to bed. As you can see, the potty training is going good. Except for the pooping. He will still only do that in a diaper. I’m trying to bribe him out of that with Superman underwear. I can’t wait for you all to see and hear him when we all get together. He is such a hoot. He can have major attitude sometimes, but he is a ton of fun.

Jason is doing good too. He’s not currently doing any extra-curricular activities, but he is keeping himself busy. Working, playing online poker, doing crosswords, and doing stuff outside around here. He is out there right now, raking leaves and debris out of our drainage ditch. I’m sure once he finishes with that, he will find something else to do. Actually, I just looked out the door, and he was trying to engage the dog in a game of chase. He was ripping down the driveway in The Tonka, trying to get Chesty to run after him. Chesty wasn’t up for chase, so Jay stopped and let him get in, and then took him for a ride. I just sent the kids outside, so maybe they’ll help him clean up. Or, they’ll weasel him into taking THEM for a fast ride in The Tonka.

As for me, I’m feeling alright. Still struggling a little with morning sickness. (Sidenote: I think I hear the Tonka starting up. Guess they’re going for a ride…I was right. Just looked out the door, and they are all ripping down the driveway now, Chesty included.) Anyway, back to the morning sickness. It is really only bad if I go too long without eating. You know, an hour or more. Plus, I’m eating a little healthier, and I think that is helping. I’ve also learned that if I eat protein (meat protein mostly, not so much the other stuff) I’m alot less likely to feel sick. I’m not as tired as I was, and my body is starting to feel semi-normal again. None of my shirts fit anymore, so I had to go buy some bigger ones. My jeans are still fitting, even though they are tight on the waist. I am 10 weeks now. Only 30 more to go! My next doctors appointment is on the 27th of this month. We will be able to hear the heart beat at that appointment. Very exciting stuff.

As for the rest of the day. I’m working on laundry right now. I’ve got about four loads to do. I desperately need to clean our bathroom. At least the sink/counter area. Maybe I will do that while they are all outside. After a late lunch we will take naps. Then it will be time to start dinner. Ham and bean soup tonight, I think. I’ve got ham in the fridge I really need to use, and that way I don’t have to thaw anything else.

So, there you go. Another post. How long do you think this will hold you for, Kim?

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2 Responses to >Saturday in Etna

  1. Danielle says:

    >its great to have a house of your own isnt it

  2. MrsWndr says:

    >I liked that post…getting a look into your everyday life. One question though…who is Chesty?

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