>Well, I remembered the profound thing I wanted to say. Since I haven’t gotten out of my computer chair, I figured I’d write it down before I forgot it again.

When we lived in Washington, and we were making more money, I loved to do lots of fancy, “gourmet” cooking. I didn’t have much of a limit on what I could buy, so it was fun to buy expensive ingredients, even if I only used them once or twice.

Well, we are kind of on the other end of the money spectrum now. We live in a small town where even basic ingredients can be pricey. “Gourmet” is almost out of the question. Along with the small town charm comes high prices and low salaries. And with another baby on the way, there is even more reason to spend less.

So, not only am I on a quest to be more natural, but I am also on a quest to be more frugal. Spending less at the grocery store; finding healthier low-cost alternatives to cheap, unhealthy “convenience foods”; avoiding impulse, or unplanned purchases at the local, expensive grocery store; and finding needed items (household goods, clothing, gifts, toys) used or new for less. These are my goals for our money future.

Being the “woman of house,” it is my job to spend my husband’s hard-earned money smartly. I need to make the most of what God has provided for us. And I hope you’ll enjoy my ride. Maybe I can teach you something, and if you have any ideas (old or new), I hope you will share them with me.

Okay, there it was. It’s all out of my brain now!

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One Response to >I REMEMBERED!

  1. PinkLady says:

    >My only advice, when you go to Medford, get yourself a “bulk store” membership. Maybe split the cost with someone.

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