>MPM – 07/23/07


Well, nobody reminded me that it was Monday. So here I am, again, posting my menu a day late. Oh well. Here goes:
Monday – Turkey Meatloaf (from Sue Gregg’s Main Dishes cookbook), mashed potatoes, green beans (we actually ended up having leftovers at G & P’s house tonight, so this might be used somewhere else in the week).
Tuesday – Chili Con Carne (also from the Main Dishes cookbook), corn bread, raw veggies (this may end up being the Turkey Meatloaf, since I already have the ground turkey thawed).
WednesdayRanch Chicken and Rice, corn.
Thursday – Round Steak Italiano (from the July/August Simple & Delicious), baked potatoes (cooked right in the crockpot with the steak), salad.
Friday thru Sunday (Monday, actually) – The Hubster and I will be in Washington for my baby shower.
Okay, there it is. Enjoy! And have a great week!
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2 Responses to >MPM – 07/23/07

  1. >Everything looks yummy!

  2. ScrapFairy says:

    >Looks good, can’t wiat to see you. YEA!!!!

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