>I told myself I wasn’t going to cry!

>Well, I didn’t actually cry, but I did get choked up when I dropped the kids off for their first day of school. Sierra started kindergarten this year, and Tyner is now in preschool. If I had had to talk to anyone, I probably would have cried, but I went for a walk right after I dropped Tyner off. I didn’t take a ton of pictures (sorry, my scrapbooking sisters!), but I got a couple of their first day outfits (which they picked out by themselves). I have to leave in a few minutes to run a few errands and then to pick them up. Anyway, here is one of the pictures:

As for the rest of my day, I’ve got a few things on my list.

I’ve got one thank-you note left to write from my baby shower in Bremerton. I’m pretty proud of myself, because I usually never get those things done.

I’ve got some junk left in my room to go through before Jason gets home. I’m trying to declutter in there so we can move furniture today. We are trying to rearrange so we will have more space for another dresser, and the bassinet. So, I’ve got to get rid of that pile. I’ve also got to go over to Grandma and Papa’s house and empty out the dresser we are getting from them.

I’ve got some chicken in the fridge that I need to split up. Cook some and freeze some. My sister Jenni left me some zucchini, so I was thinking about making zucchini bread with that. Although I saw kind of a yummy looking recipe in a magazine for veggie mac n cheese that I might try. I’ve also got a loaf of frozen bread dough on the counter thawing/rising that will need to be baked later. And I have a recipe for some things called “No Bake Bumpy Peanut Butter Nuggets” that I want to try to make. If they turn out good, I will post the recipe.

As for the rest of the week, it will be spent getting baby stuff ready. Bringing the bassinet in and giving it a good wash down. Laundering baby clothes and putting them away. Our cloth diapers should be here sometime this week, or the beggining of next week, so those will need to be prepared.

I wasted a lot of time today on the computer (not that talking to you was a WASTE, Dani). But I was on here a lot longer than I needed to be. So, tomorrow I resolve to do better!

Anyway. There is my update. Hope you enjoyed it!

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