>Some random new pictures and videos!

>Don’t mind the blurred privates. I just had to show you my chubby boy’s thighs.

Our first snow of the year. Taken Thursday. We got less than half an inch.

Here is Sierra’s school picture from this year. This is actually a retake. The original was printed off-center.

Here is Tyner’s school picture. He’s getting so big. 😦
Here’s a super close-up of Zeke. Is he just not the sweetest thing in the world?

Here is Sierra being man-handled by a boy in her class. This was at her Christmas program. This is what my boy’s belly looks like when he’s all shlubbed over.

Here is a video of Sierra learning to cross her eyes.
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And here’s what life is like at our house. Jason trying to scare everyone. And Tyner being weird.
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Oh, and notice that red spot on Tyner’s cheek? It’s Fifth Disease, also known as Slap Cheek. It’s a virus. Apparently my son caught it somewhere. And gave it to me. It comes out in adults as joint pain, specifically hands, wrists, feet, and ankles. My left thumb, right wrist, and right foot and ankle have been achy for the last few weeks. It sucks.

So, anyway. Hope you enjoyed these snapshots of life around here. Later!

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One Response to >Some random new pictures and videos!

  1. Kimi says:

    >Love the school pics, do i get some? Videos are hilarious, Sierra is way good at crossing her eyes and Tyner is hilarious. Z is sucha cute chubby baby. Still waiting for a family pic of you guys. How come u never have pics of you and Jay on here? Love you.

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