>Baby, swing, mud, and…


Here are some new pics and vids I’ve taken recently.

Zeke likes to stick out his tongue and suck on it.

Playing with his binky.
Zeke’s mohawk, courtesy of GG.
Tyner on a nice spring day.

Sierra with ice cream on her face.

Zeke in the swing for the first time.

Lovin’ the swing.

Here is a video of Zeke in the swing for the first time. He is so cute.

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And here is a video of the big kids. They have so much fun playing together. When they aren’t fighting, that is. Oh. and don’t mind the little *toot* at the end. Sierra wanted me erase that part, but I couldn’t.

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4 Responses to >Baby, swing, mud, and…

  1. ScrapFairy says:

    >oh my goodness they are so darn cute. And I would have never noticed the toot except for her face after.

  2. Kimi says:

    >i couldn’t hear the toot. u know that reminds me of the gas-x commercial, “your son Rip is on line toot.”love the vid of zeke, love the mohawk, he looks so old with it. and i can’t believe what a mix he is of the two of them, i see one pic and think how much he looks like tyner then the next he looks so much like sierra.i also love the pics of the older kids, sierra looks so sweet in the ice cream pic. i like how tyner is playing with the sunglasses in the vid…did i hit everyone?

  3. Tori says:

    >They are getting so big! Your baby is delicious…. I want to chow down on those cheeks!Nice to stop by and see you after so long.

  4. mama says:

    >That was so cute. “what is it soup or mud” “No it’s mud soup”!! too cute

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