>Mother’s Day gifts

>Yesterday was Mother’s Day. We didn’t do much, and I wasn’t treated overly princess-y. But that’s okay. My kids presented me with several gifts, which made me feel very special. Here are most of them.

Something Sierra planted for me. We aren’t quite sure what it is yet. But hey, if you recognize those leaves, feel free to tell me. This pot is really cute, it’s a paper she colored herself and it’s inside a plastic shell. She made this at school, along with a ceramic plaque thing that has her handprint on it. And Tyner planted this at school. Again, not sure what it is. But the “pot” is a milk carton covered in tissue paper. Oh, and he found that egg shell on the ground outside one of our bird houses.
This is a heart Tyner made for me at church. That is his name written on it.
This is a card Sierra made for me in Sunday school. The inside is in the next picture. Each flower on the inside of the card holds a little slip of paper (you can see one sticking out of the darker blue flower). On each paper is written something she is going to do for me. The papers say: I will help you clean the house, I will help you cook, I will help you take care of Baby Zeke, I will help you wash the dishes, and I will help you take care of the family. So sweet. Now if only I would actually let her help me with that stuff…

And this is a candle jar Sierra painted in junior church. It was still wet when she gave it to me. That’s why the green and blue flower is smeared. It is strawberry kiwi scented, and it actually smells pretty good. We will see how it smells once we light it, though.Well, that is all the gifts for this year. I felt very loved this Mother’s Day. Now maybe next year I can get Jason to buy me the diamond earrings I want….

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One Response to >Mother’s Day gifts

  1. Kimi says:

    >how beautiful those are! you are truly blessed.

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