>Random Zeke Moments

>Here are a ton of random pictures I have taken of Zeke since we’ve been home:

Sitting on the lawn at Sierra’s daycamp.
Sneaking between the couches to get into stuff.
We have since moved the couches closer together….

He shut the door while he was in Tyner’s room. Then he kept sticking his hand under the door.
Can you see him under there?
Watching So You Think You Can Dance.

Playing under the highchair. Actually, I think he was eating Cheerios off the floor…
This is his new favorite thing to do. He will stand at a door if one of the big kids is in a room and bang on it. It makes it very difficult for them to get out of the room without making him fall over.
Coming to get Mommy!

Making a mess with the Cheerios.

(and crazy bed head!)

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3 Responses to >Random Zeke Moments

  1. Kimi says:

    >great pics beth. its so nice to see new pics up on ur blog…

  2. Heather says:

    >So glad I got to see you one last time this weekend. Hope we can come down at the end of the month. Miss you guys.

  3. Cuppa Jo says:

    >Hi there – I found your blog by Googling “Beth Needs” which you blogged about in March 2006 – everything lives forever on the internet! But I’m also a Beth married to a Jason, so I thought I’d say hi. Your kids are adorable, I love the bedhead photos!

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