>Kitchen Tip Tuesday

> This is the first time I have posted for Kitchen Tip Tuesdays (hosted by Tammy’s Recipes). So, here’s my tip:

I found these condiment bottles at my grocery store for $1.00. I’m sure you could find them cheaper at WalMart or some such store. I liked these because they had a lid, which means no spills.

I filled one with canola oil (CO) and the other with olive oil (OO). This way I have the oils I use most often close at hand on my countertop, which means I don’t have to pull the big bottles down from the cupboard everytime I need oil. I just squirt some into the pan when I need it. Another bonus I didn’t think about is that these bottles make pouring oil into a measuring spoon (like for baking) SO MUCH EASIER. No more worrying about tipping the big bottle too far and spilling lots of oil everywhere. Just a little squeeze is all you need. It’s great.

So there’s my Kitchen Tip for Tuesday. Hope it helps you out!

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2 Responses to >Kitchen Tip Tuesday

  1. Heather says:

    >Great tip beth, but hey you marked that bottle wrong shouldn’t it read EVOO!! LOL.

  2. Danielle says:

    >i was gonna say….you only use oo..not evoo?! what is wrong with you!

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