>Random Pictures 2452

>Since I have nothing to post about right now (except my word for the year), so I thought I’d post some pictures that were on my camera.  ***If you can click and enlarge any of the pictures, you might notice that Zeke has a nice scratch/bruise on his eye.  That was from him spinning around in the dining room and falling, face first, onto a step stool.***

Zeke has developed a love for hats.  He loves to put one on his head and walk around.  It only lasts for about five minutes; then he pulls it off and tries to put it back on by himself.  Of course, he usually can’t get it back on, then he screeches, and brings it to us to put it on for him.  Anyway.  Here is a cute picture of him in one of the many hats we have around here.

And here he is in another hat.  His brother’s cowboy hat…and boots.  Shoes are another thing he loves to put on.  He likes to bring them to us and then he will walk around in them until they fall off.

I just had to play with this one.  There is nothing that says I’m a cowboy like a Onesie….

This is a beetle that Tyner drew on our fridge.  I had to take a picture before it got erased.  Tyner doesn’t like to draw much, so I was surprised when he told me he drew this.  Of course, I wasn’t surprised that it was a bug….

***DISCLAIMER:  THE BEER CAN IS CLOSED!!!***  My hubby took this picture.  He thought it was pretty funny.  Of course, it wasn’t so funny when Zeke grabbed the can off the table after it was open.  

Anyway.  Those are the pictures I have to share for now.  I promise that one of these days I will sit down and write about my word for the year.  

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One Response to >Random Pictures 2452

  1. Heather says:

    >ah what great pics.Love that one of Zeke you altered.

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