>Why we don’t have the prefold love….


Now that we have a bigger stash of fitted diapers, I don’t use prefolds that much.  They are bulkier than our TTs, and we have to use a cover on them to keep them together.  I like Zeke to be coverless around the house as much as possible, just so his bum stays aired out.  And every time Zeke wears a PF without a cover, it very quickly turns from a diaper into shorts.  Here’s what I mean:
Here is Zeke in a pinned bamboo prefold.  I just put this on him.


And here he is after walking and climbing for about 15 minutes.



And that is what happens EVERY time I use a prefold without a cover.

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4 Responses to >Why we don’t have the prefold love….

  1. Kimi says:

    >your son is very photogenic.minus the ‘shorts’ i love the one of him on the couch. he is just too cute. can’t wait to see him this summer.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    >He is so adorable… even with “shorts” 🙂 But that would be so frustrating!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    >About your comment—that’s fantastic!!! So happy for you 🙂 My Chinese calendar is confused because I conceived somewhere between Dec 28 and January 3. Helpful, huh? Since Dec says boy and Jan says girl. But I’m so excited to find out this month!!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    >About your comment—I’m going to have to start looking for homemade soup recipes because I LOVE soup but my current abilities stop right at chicken noodle and chicken dumpling LOL. I need to learn to make stew. We love it here.Isn’t it terrifying to see how much money you have once bills are paid? At first glance, it feels like there’s no way to survive and yet, it happens 🙂

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