>Appliqued Fleece Soakers


Here is my latest completed project.  Well, it’s the first I’ve made of these, but I’m sure I will make more.  I sewed up these fleece soakers and hand-stitched on some fleece appliques.  
First is a newborn size soaker for Emma with a cute pink heart on the bum.

This is Zeke’s soaker, with a hand made hedgehog.  (Thanks to a great ‘Pin mama for the idea!).
Close-up of the hedgehog.
I’ve got plans for a bright green pair of shorts with a dark gray elephant on the leg, bright blue shorts or soaker with an orange goldfish on it, and black shorts or soaker with bright blue, green, and red stars on it.
Now to find t-shirts to match all this stuff I want to make….
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5 Responses to >Appliqued Fleece Soakers

  1. Ronnie Heart says:

    >haha cute clothes!

  2. Danielle says:

    >you did such a good job on the hedgehog!!! way to go

  3. Heather says:

    >ahh these are so cute, i love the hedgehog.

  4. Kimi says:

    >so crafty, especially for you. you were worried about your lack of artistic ability and the hedgehog is adorable. great job!

  5. Jinglbells says:

    >can you put one of those cute appliques on a tee for me, i like the hedgehog but cant wait to see the elephant. (they would be cute on a little girls purse too)

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