>The bite that never happened.


This is a picture of Tyner and his friend Luke, holding the rattlesnake that was a foot from my daughter.

Apparently while everyone was setting up the camping stuff, the kids were riding their bikes. Sierra stopped her bike by a bush and put her foot on the ground, and saw a snake slither into the bushes. She told one of the guys that she saw it, and he came over and saw that it was a rattlesnake. He grabbed a boat oar and pounded on it. Then he cut the head off. Apparently the kids all had a good time playing with the dead snake.

Jason cut the rattle off and they brought it home with them. What a souvenir from the first Bible Study Summer Camping Trip.

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2 Responses to >The bite that never happened.

  1. Heather says:

    >Wow now that is an adventure.

  2. Kimi says:

    >Well, thank goodness she didn't get bit. God was watching over her. I bet Tyner LOVED that thing. Hehe.

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