>Not very exciting.


Since I’m spending so much time at the desk today, I thought I would post my To Do list on the blog. That way I can see it constantly, and check it off as I get things done. Not very exciting, I know. But it helps me.
*Finish laundry
*Pay bills
*Finalize MK Coop order
*Girl Scout paperwork
*Clean off desk
*Start MediCal paperwork
*Make shopping/Medford list
*Call NFCU about CC
*Post recipes
*Knit on longies
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One Response to >Not very exciting.

  1. Danielle says:

    >what is mk? and what is cc?great job on your list…how is your visit going with mom and dad and maggie? are they over at your house much…they are staying at gg's and papas right?

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