Time for a little honesty…

I’ve been slacking on the school stuff lately.  By default, we seem to have taken a two-week long Spring Break.  I’m not sure what that will do to our finishing date; I’ve got to sit down and run the numbers on it.  What I really need to do is make out a schedule to ensure that we are done sometime before mid-July.

My motivation has been missing lately.  Before our break, we were getting our work done, but it was a struggle everyday.  It wasn’t for lack of having everything scheduled.  Sonlight has everything all written out for you.  The kids know what work they are supposed to do in their individual work (one page of this, two pages of that, etc).  What it really was was laziness.  I was being lazy, wanting to spend my time on the computer.  They were being lazy, wanting to spend their time in front of the TV (following my lead, obviously).  I find myself in a funk these days.  No motivation to do much of anything, not just school.  I waste time on the computer all morning long, and then rush to get all the other house stuff done in the afternoon, leaving little time for kid-centered activities.  Leaving little time for anything really, except the minimum life requires.

To be honest, I’ve been very selfish.  Too much thinking about my emotional/spiritual life has caused me to shut down in other areas.  I’m not sure what to do about this, except pray.  Pray for balance.  Pray for strength.  Pray for selflessness.  Pray for a servants heart.

My life should be my kids, my husband, my home.  Not Facebook, and Ravelry, and the Diaper Pin.  I’ve really been slacking these last few months.

I have an amazing opportunity here.  My kids are with me all day long.  I have a chance to show them what a real adult is like, what they should be striving for as they grow up.  I should be showing them how to love Good, how to be responsible, busy, industrious, kind, loving, patient, healthy, etc, etc, etc.  Instead, all they see is that when you grow up you get to sit on the computer all day, eat crappy junk food, and boss your kids around while not doing much yourself.

What am I thinking?!  Something has to change.  It’s time to get off my butt and get my life, my house, my family on track.

Sorry to get off track.  I started talking about homeschooling, but got distracted along the way.  Guess I just needed to get it all written down, so I couldn’t deny it to myself anymore.

So now what?  Now it’s time to put the computer to sleep and get on with my life!

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3 Responses to Motivation…

  1. Lisa Miller says:

    How ’bout we pray for eachother?! Thanks for the motivation Beth!

  2. Kimi says:

    At least your conscience of this funk you’re in….and not going on in it, blissfully unaware. Knowing there is a problem is really the first step toward fixing it. I know you’ll get where you need to be. And a two week slip up isn’t going to scar your children forever. Love you.

  3. dani says:

    right as i cliced on the link to go to your blog i thought to myself ‘i need some motivation’. thought it was kind of funny the title of this post…even though i was the motivaton i needed! im sure you have already thought of this since it is like 2 or 3 months away from when you wrote it but make your mornings about work. get everything done in the morning. have breakfast then get dressed(or what ever order you do that in) then do school. then do your activiites then you have the rest of the after noon to play.

    oh by the way….I SPOTTED AN ERROR IN YOUR TYPING!!!! go me! can you spot it?

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