WIP Wednesday

Here are the latest projects I’ve been working on.

Some mini-thing things that will have things added later:

*picture and actual descriptions have been removed so that the recipients won’t see them! if you really want to know what they look like, I’ll show you privately.*

And, well, nothing else, really.  I’m trying to get some Christmas presents done, and nothing else is being worked on. I’ve got a few more presents to get make, and then it will be back to my regularly scheduled crafting.

I’m actually starting to feel overwhelmed by the number of WIPs I have right now, even though the pressure is totally self-inflicted.  I think I might frog a couple of them, and just work on the really important ones.  Which would be these:

Sierra’s sweater:

My cowl:

Sierra’s blanket:

And that’s all the yarn talk for today.  Now it’s time to make the littles some lunch!

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