Isn’t it 2013 already?

Apparently my brain thinks the 2012-2013 school year is over , and that September is already upon us.  In my mind, I’m planning what curriculum we will use next year: what Sonlight cores I will get to experience with the big and the little kids, what math and phonics programs I will use with Zeke and Emma, what other fun things I can find to incorporate in to our studies.

What is it that has me always looking ahead?  How can I be thinking about next year, when I’ve got so much to focus on this year?  We started our homeschool a month late, and we have much to do if we want to be done before the middle of summer.  Instead of planning for next year, I should be better planning this year.

It’s so much fun though, thinking about the future.

I’m pretty set in what curriculum I will use with the big kids.  I know what works, how they learn best, and which publishers Ilike for which subjects.  There’s not much fun in it.  Sonlight is one of the only things that will really change next year; we are using Sonlight this year, but we will get to study a new topic next year (recent world history this year, early American history next year).  Also, our science publisher will probably stay the same (Apologia Exploring Creation), although the subject will change (we are doing astronomy this year; I think I’ll let the kids decide what to study for next year).  Math, Bible, and language arts will all be Christian Light Education again.

Zeke and Emma are where I get to branch out a little.  I don’t know what their learning styles are yet.  At this point they are still so little and eager to learn that I’m excited about what I will get to do with them.  For both, I am planning on Sonlight Core P4/5 or Core A.  Emma will be four years old (a very smart four), and Zeke will be six a few months after we start school (a pretty typical six year old boy).  I’m not sure which will be better for the two of them together.  Math will probably be Math-U-See Primer, either worked together or just for Zeke.  I think both of them will be reading, or close to reading, so we may start working through Explode the Code 1.  I’m not sure what other things we will be using for these two.  It’s exciting thinking and planning for them, though.

I think the reason I’m thinking about next year so much is because I’m looking forward to my kids being another year older, another year smarter, another year more independent.  It’s not that I want my kids to grow up quickly.  Far from it, I’m enjoying having them with me, enjoying watching them be kids.  But honestly, I love having bigger kids.  I love that all of my kids are past the baby and toddler stages, and that Emma has firmly moved in to the preschool stage.  I love the fun and freedom that having older kids brings.  Sure, every age group brings it’s own challenges (hormones, anyone?), but I feel much better equipped to deal with the challenges of a child who isn’t only independent, but has the ability to communicate that independence.

So, I’ll continue to plan for the 2013-2014 school year.  My kids may not even be home with me next year (a private Christian school is another of our schooling options), although I dearly hope they will be.  But thinking about what we will learn will help fill the quiet hours between now and next September.

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