Finally on the road again…

And, another two and a half months go by without me posting a darn thing.  Blerg.  Well, let’s try again.

I’ve started running again!  My knee is feeling loads better, and I’m hoping that if I start doing continue doing yoga and strength exercises, it (and my hip) will continue to get stronger.

Wait!  What’s wrong with my knee and hip, you ask?  Well, not as much now as last month. 

I’ve actually had to take the last five months off from running because of lots of pain in my knee.  It started to hurt while I was training for my half marathon, but of course I continued to run on it.  It gave out nine miles in to the race.  I was able to walk/run the last four miles, but it was not a good thing.  I took five months off of running, finally went to the doctor, had an x-ray and MRI done, only to find out it was just tendinitis.  The doctor told me to use compression and anti-inflammatories to help with any pain.  It hasn’t been hurting me at all, which is huge and amazing and wonderful!

As for my hip, I don’t know what happened there.  I sat down cross-legged on the floor one day, and couldn’t put my right knee all the way to the ground.  Not only did my hip hurt, but I had lost all external range of motion in it.  The doctor checked it out, and decided it was also tendinitis.  I’ve been doing some yoga and using my foam roller on it.  It is by no means better, but it is better than it was.  It doesn’t hurt at all when I run, so that’s a big bonus.  It does make certain yoga moves very awkward though…

In other running news, I’ve sort of become a vegetarian.  Well, I’m calling myself a “flexitarian.”  I’m not doing it for ethical reasons, so if I want to have tri-tip or a pork chop when my hubby hits the grill, or chicken wings and salami filled with cream cheese at a Super Bowl party, or a piece of tilapia or some shrimp or tuna, I will.  I’m mostly doing it to see if a (mostly) plant-based diet will help my running at all. 

The thing with running is, once I start, healthy eating kind of kicks in to high gear for me.  Soda no longer tastes super great, sugar cereal hurts my stomach, and chips and crackers just seem gross.  In researching healthier snacks and habits, I came across the website/movement No Meat Athlete.  It is full of information on how to start down a path to healthier, plant-based eating.  So I jumped in and went for it.

I’m not forcing anyone in my family to eat this way.  Jason’s favorite question at dinner time often seems to be “Where’s the meat?”, so I know there is no way he’d jump on this bandwagon.  I’m finding ways to work around it, like adding meat in to a vegetable-laden skillet dish after taking out my bowlful, buying a vegetarian pizza for dinner along with the meatier options, and making vegetarian friendly snacks to keep in the fridge for days when I might choose to skip part of dinner.  I just went grocery shopping yesterday, so we will see how this works in full scale over the next few weeks.

Maybe tomorrow I will share some of the things I’ve eaten the last few days that fit in with my diet choices (diet as in “foods I put in my body,” not “I’m trying to lose weight”).

Sorry if this is a bit jumbled and full of *stuff*.  It’s just been so long…

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