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On (attempting) being a vegetarian…

I said in my last post that I’d try to share a few things I’ve done in the first few days of my Vegetarian Experiment to make things work in this typically omnivorous household.  When I started trying to eat … Continue reading

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Finally on the road again…

And, another two and a half months go by without me posting a darn thing.  Blerg.  Well, let’s try again. I’ve started running again!  My knee is feeling loads better, and I’m hoping that if I start doing continue doing … Continue reading

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Isn’t it 2013 already?

Apparently my brain thinks the 2012-2013 school year is over , and that September is already upon us.  In my mind, I’m planning what curriculum we will use next year: what Sonlight cores I will get to experience with the … Continue reading

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Back in the saddle….again?!

I’m always coming on here, saying I’m going to start writing more frequently, and then it never happens.  Not that there is anyone reading to be disappointed by my lack of follow-through.  The only one I’m disappointing is myself, I … Continue reading

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It’s been a while…

…three and a half months to be exact.  Life is a little more interesting now, with more going on, so maybe I will post more.  I’ve started running, I’m still knitting, and I’m hoping to read more soon.  We might … Continue reading

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WIP Wednesday

Here are the latest projects I’ve been working on. Some mini-thing things that will have things added later: *picture and actual descriptions have been removed so that the recipients won’t see them! if you really want to know what they … Continue reading

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On my phone!

I’m constantly amazed at the cool things I’m able to do with modern technology (modern makes me sound like I’m 80, and I used to live in the Stone Age). I’m posting from my phone, even though I’m sitting right … Continue reading

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