About ME!

My name is Beth.

I have a husband, four kids, a cat, and a crap load of stuff to do.

I love those people up there ↑, my cat, knitting, Doctor Who (especially Number 10!), reading, crocheting, pretty much any BBC show, Ravelry, Pinterest, my iPhone, and lots of other things.  I live in a small town, with dreams of moving somewhere new in the near future.

This blog is for me to get the stuff that’s in my head, out.  If you don’t like it, don’t read it.  It’s mine, all mine!  And I don’t care what you think about it.  🙂

I like to think of myself as a grammar police officer.  But I’m not perfect.  If I make a mistake, deal with it.

Feel free to comment nicely, because nice comments make me happy.

My lovely family!


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